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About Convention

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Our annual national convention is a forum where sisters from around the U.S. unite bringing culturally diverse perspectives
to teach, learn and reflect amongst each other.

During convention, we conduct sorority business, learn about new programs and initiatives, recognize chapter and individual excellence, invest in our own personal and professional development, and most importantly, strengthen the bonds of everlasting sisterhood®️!

2019 National Convention

Portraits of Success” is Delta Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.’s Convention 2019 theme. Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose” from Oxford Dictionary.

Five takeaways from Convention 2019

  1. Defining success as a Sorority – individual, chapter, national
  2. Defining success for yourself – personal, academic, workplace
  3. Challenging not only yourself towards success but others
  4. Exploring success in your life through failures and accomplishments
  5. Appreciating and creating positive energy can lead to success

We all bring something to the entire picture of the Sorority or the “portrait” we’re painting. The portrait of success is us – the sisters of Delta Phi Lambda. It’s about you, me, and us.

Explore More Information About Convention!

1. Register for convention before May 1, 2019. Register Here >> 

2. Book a hotel room at the Crowne Plaza Boston-Newton Hotel before April 29, 2019. Book Here >>
(Group code: Delta Phi Lambda)

3. Decide on your travel plans. View Travel Options Here >> 

4. Familiarize yourself with the 3-day schedule – TBA. View Schedule & Programs Here >> 

5. Plan out your attire according to the following dress code:

  • Thursday: Casual for travel.
  • Friday Day: Business casual for educational sessions; Casual for sightseeing.
  • Friday Night: Casual for dinner; Dressy for nightlife.
  • Saturday Day: Business casual for educational sessions; Casual for sightseeing.
  • Saturday Night: Semi-formal for Banquet; Dressy for nightlife. (Neos need to wear white dresses)
  • Sunday: Convention t-shirt & jeans for final day.
Packing Tip: Looking for a chance to celebrate and represent our sorority during Convention? Wear our colors, pin/badge and Greek letters throughout the Convention daily activities.  

6. Pack your luggage. Here are a few non-basic items to consider:

  • Power Strip: As some of you will be staying four people to a room, you might run out of plugs with all those laptops, phones and hair plug-ins.
  • Cash for tipping: It is customary to tip $2 per bag to anyone that handles your luggage, each rider should tip $2 to the shuttle driver, and each guest should leave at least $5 per day to the housekeeper.
  • Cash for activities: The convention schedule leaves plenty of room for sightseeing. In addition, dinner Thursday and Friday nights are not provided by DFL

Create Connections

Be prepared to network with sisters from far and wide to strengthen the bonds of everlasting sisterhood.

Explore Opportunities

Collaborate with your peers and sorority leaders to discover new pathways for innovative ideas and unleash the possibilities for change.

Discover Your Potential

Study the conference schedule and come prepared to engage in the topic of conversation. The sessions were created to help advance your professional and personal development.

Share Your Experience

Take the information you gained and share the value of your benefits of the convention with those who were not able to make it and encourage them to attend next year.

Congratulations on your first DFL National Conference! You are about to embark on a wonderful experience. Each year, nearly 150 sisters gather to teach, learn, network, and laugh. Approximately 50 first-time attendees join the Convention each year and once you attend, you’ll want to come back again and again – it’s that good! 

As you navigate through Convention, keep in mind that the most valuable resources are the people you meet, the connections you build and the knowledge you gain by interacting with them. Even when you return home, they become great resources for future questions or issues that arise. 

The following tips will help you with interaction with other attendees:

  • Sharing meals is a really good way to get to know other attendees. When you are seated at breakfast or lunch, be sure to introduce yourself to everyone at the table. 
  • Talk to sisters as you are waiting for a session to start, maybe over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Attendee Arrival
The following are the days attendees should arrive:
Thursday, May 30 Evening

  • BOD & Staff Attendees
  • Undergraduate Attendees

Friday, May 31 Evening

  • Alumnae Attendees
  • IG Attendees

Convention Check-In

Attendees are required to check in on Friday morning or evening to receive their badge.

Convention Check-Out
Convention is set to end around 1 p.m. after our closing remarks.

Convention Sign-In
Sisters are required to sign-in each morning.


The success of our National Convention depends on the participation of all attendees. Convention attendees should arrive-on-time, be prepared and ready to contribute during all scheduled events. Aspirations for the Spring 2019 Roster must be met for convention. Excludes Neos of Spring 2019 and Graduating Sisters Spring/Summer 2019.

Technology Usage
General Usage
Attendees are strongly encouraged to take pictures and videos throughout convention. However, the use of electronic devices during convention sessions should be limited to official sorority business needs. Electronic devices include but are not limited to laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Ritual & Business Meetings Usage
We prohibit the use of electronic devices during ritual and business sessions due to the sensitivity of information.

Speaker Session Usage
It can be frustrating for a speaker to look into the crowd and see the audience using their electronic devices. Therefore, we discourage the use of electronic devices during speaker sessions unless filming ‘short’ videos.

Social Media Usage
Attendees are strongly encouraged to post photos/videos throughout convention. Make sure to use our official Convention hashtags #DFLConvention2019, #20YearsTogether20YearsStrong. 

Need clarification if something can be posted? Contact socialmedia@deltaphilambda.org or marketing@deltaphilambda.org1

Leadership Team

Convention Planning Team
Houa Vang, Director of Events
Joann Podoll, Vice President of Finance

Marketing Team
Anna Huang, Director of Marketing
Maggie Yang, Social Media Manager
Shua Vang, Web Director

T-Shirt Committee
Jasmine Au, Iowa State University
Stephanie Tam, University of Cincinnati
Starr Doan, Grand Valley State University
Crystal Kim, University of Georgia
Maggie Yang, Social Media Manager

Elections Committee
Kristal Rosas, University of Central Florida
Kristi Lee, Iowa State University
Kayla Sommers, Clemson University

Thank you to all the Board of Directors, HQ Staff, Marketing Team, T-Shirt Committee, and Elections Committee for your assistance in preparing for the convention logistics, banquet and marketing. Without you, this event would not be possible!