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Convention – 2018


The complete 2018 program book is available for viewing on the Schedule & Programs page.

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Discover what this vibrant college town has to offer while you visit for convention. 

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It is that time of year again to attend Convention for 2018 on August 3rd-5th! Our 20th Anniversary!!! There will be awesome speakers, workshops, and many more that you can take back with you as an undergrad and alum! This can benefit you while in college and for your careers.

This year’s convention will be where our Sorority was first founded, Athens, Georgia! Our meetings will be located on campus at the University of Georgia, which is walking distance from downtown Athens, the popular UGA Arch, shops, nightlife, and much more!  You will get to view and experience the fun atmosphere of Athens, Georgia. In addition, we will be having another year of the Stroll Competition, which was a huge success last year!

Sisters will also receive gifts, have meals included, and enjoy our yearly banquet! This year’s banquet will be different where regional formals will be combined. This means banquet will be more fun and will include dancing! 🙂 You can also bring a date! Meals will include Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, and the Banquet Dinner. Alums, you will have a sisterhood brunch!
Jessica Kouch
Director of Events

AUGUST 3-5, 2018