Interested Women

Most women who go off to college face the decision of whether to join a sorority or not. Once they do decide to become a part of the campus’s fraternity and sorority life community, it is often a struggle to try and decipher the differences between the many councils and sororities already established.

When making your decision, we suggest that you first do your research. We encourage you to discuss this important decision with your parents, mentors, and campus administrators. Contact the Director of Expansion in order to get more information about the organization. But most importantly make sure the sorority you choose in the end has values and a mission that are personally in line with yours.

Delta Phi Lambda prides itself on our organization’s values-based programs and initiatives. Through membership in our sorority, women are able to make lifelong friends, develop valuable leadership skills, serve national and local philanthropies, become involved in campus organizations, develop scholastic abilities, and most importantly, achieve individual goals with confidence.

If you join Delta Phi Lambda, the hope is that you will be a better person because of it. Not only are you a part of an Everlasting Sisterhood that reaches all parts of the globe, but you will be able to find your voice and influence others within your own circles. We want to be known for making you better and making the world better.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Charter Class in 2018



How to Start a Chapter

Individuals who are interested in chartering Delta Phi Lambda at their campuses should contact our At-Large or Regional Expansion Coordinators. They will provide Interests with information regarding the formation of an interest group and beginning the chartering process.



Our Expansion Process

Nationally Led
Our Director of Expansion opens communications with a University’s Greek Office regarding expansion requirements. Together, the Director of Expansion and the University’s Greek Affairs representative will work together to establish a plan of action and timeline regarding expansion efforts.

Established Interest Group
An established interest group typically contacts our Director of Expansion inquiring about expanding at their university. A campus assessment will be conducted to determine, based on various factors, if expansion will be viable at the university. If it is decided to continue expansion efforts, the interest group is encouraged to open communications with their Greek Affairs Office to inquire about expansion requirements. Our Director of Expansion will also initiate contact with the University’s Greek Affairs Office to determine requirements needed from our National Office.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any requirements to begin forming an interest group?
It is highly recommended to first make contact with the office charged with overseeing Greek Letter Organizations on your campus to learn of any university requirements in starting an interest group. Delta Phi Lambda’s Director of Expansion will make available to you the requirements that must be met in order to become a sister of Delta Phi Lambda.

Do I have to be Asian to be a member of Delta Phi Lambda?
No. Our membership selection shall not, in any way, be affected by race, color, national origin, age, religion, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. All members shall have equal rights in the sorority. Although we are an Asian-interest sorority, we strongly encourage young women of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to join our organization. We are a diverse organization that seeks to explore all cultures and we will welcome any collegiate female who wishes to promote our mission of empowering women leaders.