For those interested in becoming a member of Delta Phi Lambda at one of our already established chapters, be on the look out for recruitment schedules during the Fall and Spring/Winter terms. More information regarding university and organization requirements can be learned during this time.

Credits: Gamma Chapter at The Georgia State University
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Benefits of Joining

Academic Excellence

2013 Emory University Graduate Sisters

Scholarship is the most important aspect of college life. Delta Phi Lambda strives for high academic achievement and has well-organized scholarship programs to assist every member to achieve her academic potential. Academic excellence is encouraged by providing incentives, study partners, designated study hours, and tutoring programs designed for the needs of each chapter member. No matter what your field of study, you will find Sisters who will provide you with support and encouragement to excel. Our minimum national grade point average of 2.75 is enforced in each chapter for joining, initiation, and maintenance of good standing.


Our sisters are extremely involved in their respective campus and surrounding communities, with many holding executive positions in various local and regional organizations. Along with these opportunities, we offer national events such as Convention and Midyear to provide additional education and training through workshops and networking.


Central Florida sisters donate money for school supplies to a local elementary school class.

Even though our national philanthropy is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention with an emphasis on the well-being of young women and children, chapters are encouraged to serve their respective communities through volunteering and service. Sisters participate in various activities such as helping out at soup kitchens, community cleanups, and other events directed towards the betterment of their local and regional neighborhoods.

Community Involvement

At each respective campus, our chapters are integral members within their Greek communities starting within their governing council. Along with holding active memberships within their chapter and Greek communities, many sisters become involved in various student organizations which lead to more opportunities to work with the surrounding communities.


T-shirt design made with sisters’ fingerprints during a Southeast Sisterhood Retreat.

With many of our members attending college far from their homes, our sisterhood is often times referred to as a ‘home away from home.’ Along with the comfort of having an ‘extended family’ while at college, we truly believe in lifelong membership and encourage our sisters to maintain the bonds of sisterhood no matter where life may take them.