Congratulations to our newest Colony Chapter, University of Delaware!

Our 17th chapter was established at University of Delaware on April 5, 2015, becoming the FIRST Asian-Interest sorority on their campus!

Welcome to Everlasting Sisterhood®!

University of Delaware Charter Class

  • The Sedulous Six Charter Class
  • #02 Yvonne ‘Synergia’ Ni
  • #03 Joyce ‘hii*jack’ Chan
  • #04 Eileen ‘Avariella’ Ni
  • #05 Kaitlyn ‘Empyreal’ Duong
  • #06 Anna ‘N*vious’ Huang
  • #07 Baely ‘N.R.G.’ Gulbins

To find out more about Delta Phi Lambda at University of Delaware, visit