Congratulations to our newest Colony Chapter, Iowa State University

Our 16th chapter was established at Iowa State University on March 1, 2015, becoming the FIRST Asian-Interest sorority on their campus as well as our first nationally-led expansion!

Welcome to Everlasting Sisterhood®!

Iowa State Charters with their Educators
Iowa State University Charter Class with their educators,
Jaleesa Reed (Charter Member Educator) and Jennifer Albesa (Assistant Charter Member Educator)

  • The Empowering Eight Charter Class
  • #02 Mariah ‘CONTRAST’ Johnson
  • #03 Lydia ‘Chartreuse’ Tsui
  • #04 Hana ‘Cornellia’ Kim
  • #05 Glory ‘Endure’ Peng
  • #06 Jasmine ‘Werifesteria’ Au
  • #07 Linh ‘Resilience’ Phan
  • #08 Houa ‘Manifesto’ Vang
  • #09 Jackie ‘Voyance’ Khamma

To find out more about Delta Phi Lambda at Iowa State University, visit