National Office

National Headquarters Office

Our National Headquarters Office (HQ) consists of a Board of Directors (BOD), National Headquarters Staff (HQ Staff), and National Headquarters Committees (HQ Committee). The Board-Headquarters relationship is a partnership and cannot function without both working in tandem. These Dedicated Female Leaders embody the virtues of Delta Phi Lambda and work tirelessly to shape the future of our Everlasting Sisterhood.

The following positions will be filled on a rolling basis.
Please contact our Elections Committee ( to apply.

2018-2019 Vacant Positions

  • The Jade Times Editor-in-Chief

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (BOD) consists of 6 elected volunteer members of the sorority. They oversee the Sorority’s strategic direction, including governance, overall policy making, fiscal soundness and strategic planning. Members of the BOD are elected by voting chapter delegates at the National Convention every year. Meet each member of the BOD below.


Jaleesa Reed

National President

Joann Podoll

Vice president of Finance

Tracy Wang

Vice president of Records

Jennifer Kim

Vice president Collegiate

Jessica Kouch

Vice president Alumnae

Pamela Pedersen

Vice president of Expansion

National Staff

Our Headquarters Staff (HQ Staff) consists of 20+ hired volunteer members of the sorority. They are passionate about serving our sisters and providing resources to enhance the member experience. They are responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan and organizational management on a daily basis. HQ Staff positions are non-elected, hired one-year contracted positions, subject to renewal pending an annual performance review. Meet the 2017-2018 HQ Staff below.


Nina Guzman

Director of Alumnae Relations

Christina Shin

Director of archives

Karen Ly

Director of Collegiate Programming

Houa Vang

Director of Events

Stephanie Gan

Director of Expansion

Kaitlyn McCarthy

Director of Growth & Development

Andrea King

Director of Marketing

Kathryn Ho

Director of new member services

Mary Santos

Director of Philanthropy

Stephanie Dang

Director of Recruitment

Hannah Hubbard

Director of risk Reduction

Pactra Chab

Expansion Coordinator: midwest

Donna Chow

Expansion coordinator: northeast

Amy Cao

Expansion coordinator: southeast

Victoria Xie

Finance Manager

Nikki Thai

Judicial Manager

Joanne Tran

Membership Manager

Ngoc Doan

Midwest Governor

Jenny Rosario

Northeast Governor

Anna Huang

Ritual Manager

Maggie Yang

Social Media Manager

Kristal Rosas

Southeast Governor


The jade times editor-in-chief

Shua Vang

web director